Register PHPBB With PHP

If you have a website that has a normal website, and then a PHPbb forum you will need this blog to get users from the normal website, and register for PHPbb without creating multiple accounts, and all in one script. First, you must have a normal html form that goes to a PHP file for registering your users (Register Page). [...]


Quick PHP Captcha

Having Captcha these days is very necessary.  This blog will show you how to create a PHP Captcha image with SESSION authentication for forms. It looks much like Google or YouTube, and is way easier to read than some of the other Captcha scripts out there. Lets get started with a html form. Download the captcha.php file and include it as [...]


Installing Eclipse With Android SDK

When I started starting learning Java with the android SDK i could not find a place for the correct information. This is a blog about installing Eclipse Java software with the Android SDK so you can program Android applications. This will install on Windows 7 64-bit or any version of Windows. Simply follow this guide to be up and running [...]


Sending Emails With Amazon SES

Sending emails from Amazon SES can sometimes be difficult. This script will include the PHP source code to send individual emails, or mass emailing from a MySQL database. We will also be sending the email with an awesome html/css designed email template. You need to include the ses.php file. You can download ses.php from amazon. [...]


Easier Domain Searching

I personally think GoDaddy logs the domain searches and might be buying them before you can. I’ve had a couple domains I’ve check out before, they were available, but in about 2 days it was bought. Since then I don’t use GoDaddy for searching domains, i only buy them there. For domain searching I use [...]

Go Language

Google reCAPTCHA in Go Language