Installing Eclipse With Android SDK

When I started starting learning Java with the android SDK i could not find a place for the correct information. This is a blog about installing Eclipse Java software with the Android SDK so you can program Android applications. This will install on Windows 7 64-bit or any version of Windows. Simply follow this guide to be up and running without wasting your time.

Step 1.

Download Eclipse Classic and install completely.


Step 2.

Download Android SDK and install completly.


Step 3.

Download the Java JDK, it is found under the table java platform, first one on the table.


Step 4.

Now that you downloaded and installed all of those packages, you have to install the ADT plugin. To do this, do the following:

  1. Click Help -> Install New Software
  2. Click Add on the top right and a dialog box will appear.
  3. Insert name: ADT Plugin     and Location:
  4. Select all and install the selected packages.

Step 5.

Now you have to Configure the ADT plugin to point to the Android SDK. Do the following:
  1. Click Windows -> Preferences
  2. Click Android on the left
  3. Then browse the location where you downloaded the Android SDK and select tools folder
  4. Make sure you update all the New Android Packages





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