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ShapeShift API in Golang

Using Shapeshift, you can convert your cryptocurrencies into a different crypto with ease. First download the Shapeshift package. 1 go get -u github.com/hunterlong/shapeshiftgo get -u github.com/hunterlong/shapeshift Converting ETHEREUM to BITCOIN is pretty simple, the response includes everything you need to send ethereum. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 [...]


Debian Desktop Shortcuts

Here’s a post to make a Desktop Shortcut. First go to your desktop and right click and Open In Terminal. nano ~/Desktop/appshortcut.desktop Copy the Desktop Entry script below and insert it into the terminal. This file should be in your user Desktop. To save, press CTRL + X then Y. To paste in the terminal, press CTRL + SHIFT + V [...]

Go Language

Google reCAPTCHA in Go Language