Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails on have some great servers, and awesome staff that responds in 30 min or less. They are more known for gaming servers, but you can also host your website. Website Hosting on is a extremely affordable way to run your Ruby on Rails application. With just a couple of steps, you can have a your application run under Passenger while NFOsevers admin interface lets you control the DNS records of your domain.

Lite Website Hosting – Month-to-Month $2.99
Lite Website Hosting – 3 Months $2.69 ($8.07)

As of Writing, versions of software’s used.
Ruby 2.1.9
Rails 4.2.6
Passenger 5.0.29

Make a Rails Application

rails new helloworld

Run this inside your home directory (cd ~/). This will create a new directory called ‘helloworld’ that will hold your ruby on rails application.
Once you run this, you might encounter an error with bundle install.

Insert the Passenger Gem inside Gemfile

gem 'passenger'

Uncomment therubyracer gem

gem 'therubyracer', platforms: :ruby


#gem 'coffee-rails', '~> 4.1.0'
bundle install

3. Generate a secret key for production mode.

rake secret

Copy the long string of random characters and insert them in config/secrets.yml under production.
Replace <%= ENV["SECRET_KEY_BASE"] %> with that long string and save.

Your Ruby on Rails server should now be successfully running on your Website Hosting on NFO servers.

You can restart your application with passenger. You’ll be able to view logs in log/production.log

passenger-config restart-app

To forward your domain, change your domains name servers to:

Wait a bit, and then Add Domain in the NFOserver interface.
Make your rails /public folder be the Forward. Replace with your app name. (helloworld).

Give it a bit, and visit the domain. You should now see a Error screen for Ruby on Rails.
This is because you have no routes in config/routes.rb.

Uncomment in config/routes.rb.

root 'welcome#index'

Create a controller for ‘welcome’ that will auto create the index page

rails g controller Welcome index

Visit your domain, and you can see the app running.

Now you can begin working on your new Ruby on Rails project.

Website Hosting Limitation

View the full NFOserver terms and conditions.
+ Run any process on the server whose execution lasts 60 seconds or longer, apart from FastCGI, Ruby on Rails, and PHP-based scripts run through Apache, and included shells, file transfer utilities, and text editors run from the command line
+ Run any process that uses more than 2 full minutes of “CPU time”, regardless of how long it runs in “real time”
+ Run more than 100 processes at once, per account
+ Use more than a gigabyte of resident memory at a time, per account
+ Directly stream media (audio or video)
+ Run any sort of “peer-to-peer” or other file sharing application
+ Be logged in via SSH or FTP more than 10 times at once, per account
+ Display or distribute pornographic, excessively violent, or illegal materials
+ “Mirror” or host files on behalf of another website
+ Use the webspace to hold content that is not meant to be commonly served to end-users through a web browser
+ Use the webhosting to facilitate duplicating any service that Nuclearfallout provides in another capacity
+ Run an auto-refreshing script such as a “shoutbox” that causes page refreshes more frequently than once every 30 seconds
+ Have open more than 20 remote (non-local) connections to the MySQL server per remote IP address

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